Did you know? A retained search will save you $$$

Comp Resource Group's retained search is typically 20-30% lower than the standard contingency search. With our targeted marketing plan, dedicated resource(s), and quick placement guarantee (60 days), we can provide our Retained Search at extremely competitive rates while serving a larger number of Clients than most are capable of.

Pay less, receive a longer guarantee period, and have the piece of mind you've always wanted!

Working for you, or working for the candidate?

While contingent search fees are typically a percentage of the Candidate's first year's compensation, that puts the recruiter in a position to help the Candidate negotiate for as much as possible in order to maximize their fee. At CRG, our retained searches are under a flat fee structure, allowing us to truly represent our Clients. This allows us to do whats always in your best interest!

Finding the right candidate is easier than you think...

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